Sunday, September 6, 2009

new name is . . .

(tanked and taken @ the hangar on 8/27)
*if you book us, we will make you look like this*

*big big big ups to everyone that had a part in doing this demo. liverty fall '09 demo out now!!!

*to get one, go to wuxtry or daily groceries. bring two to three dollars (two dollars if you pick one up from us).

*next show . . . maybe on the 11th of september @ spillage/bikage/verbage/herbage!!!

such a cool cough

(liverty @ the hangar on july 4th)


someone's got insomnia downstairs
oh, no no, there ain't no sleeping going on
someone's got insomnia downstairs
and i would if i could, but tonight i just can't roll on

so i roll over and smoke a fag
reach down in my great big bag
and put my favorite 7" on
and when no one is around
i close my eyes and go downtown
like a catholic school boy with a shit-eatin' grin on


i write a song, i hit the bong
i cry about things all night long
that i may or may not have the power to change
where once was sleep with sobriety thanked
now i'm surfing clancy beach so tanked
get your shit son, straight rearranged