Thursday, December 17, 2009


We went on a baby tour to Chattanooga & Asheville as Jimmy Kind Bud, came home, and decided Gordon was right. We changed our name.


OK, So. We are playing 2 shows in the near future.


Here we go at Static Age Records in Asheville, NC


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bee Kind!!!

please review and comment.
sorry gordon. this is why we had to change our name.

no news is good news. with friends like these, you ain't got the blues.

oh, we are going to have some sick patches available at the nov. 4th show. we might also have some more LIVERTY demo tapes and cd-rs available. for serious, if you want in, tread on me.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

new name is . . .

(tanked and taken @ the hangar on 8/27)
*if you book us, we will make you look like this*

*big big big ups to everyone that had a part in doing this demo. liverty fall '09 demo out now!!!

*to get one, go to wuxtry or daily groceries. bring two to three dollars (two dollars if you pick one up from us).

*next show . . . maybe on the 11th of september @ spillage/bikage/verbage/herbage!!!

such a cool cough

(liverty @ the hangar on july 4th)


someone's got insomnia downstairs
oh, no no, there ain't no sleeping going on
someone's got insomnia downstairs
and i would if i could, but tonight i just can't roll on

so i roll over and smoke a fag
reach down in my great big bag
and put my favorite 7" on
and when no one is around
i close my eyes and go downtown
like a catholic school boy with a shit-eatin' grin on


i write a song, i hit the bong
i cry about things all night long
that i may or may not have the power to change
where once was sleep with sobriety thanked
now i'm surfing clancy beach so tanked
get your shit son, straight rearranged


Sunday, August 23, 2009


* the demo is done (matte c. did an amazing job making the mix come alive - thanks matte). we are probably going to make about 50 tapes (maybe a few cd-rs also for those of you without cassette players). we hope to have things ready by the 5th of september. why, you may ask?
* big show on september 5th @ little kings: liverty (demo tape release show), dead dog (celebrates 9/11 by going on tour), and daffodil (gets in the spirit of labor). the show is free. serious. no one asking for dollars for the door. just bring a few for the bartender and the merch table.
* kater is tearing it up in the bass / second vocal department. we are looking to play out very soon as a three piece (maybe sooner than soon). ask us out for a date on the town. we wanna rock whereever.

Friday, August 14, 2009


(a song about the time pj from the hot new mexicans borrowed my headphones. seriously. no subtext).

i wish that i had my headphones.
i would put them on to never walk alone.
i wish to never walk alone.
i would never find my way back home.
i wish to never find my way back home.
i would walk this off and be back in the danger zone.
i would if i could, at least you know that i might.
i wish to make amends tonight.
i would make amends tonight.
i wish you all the best before you turn out the light.
i would turn out your lights.
i wish for a better time when that might be right (back in the danger zone.)

(vocab @ radio canut, lyon, france, summer 2007)

in other news, FNB (food not bombs) is cooking out of the hangar on mondays and wednesdays @ 5pm. serving happens @ 7pm in college square of downtown athens, ga. if you are interested in being a part, come enjoy a plate with the kids and say yellow.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

tru' luv

(i miss you, tubbs. tell mom i said holla holla holla holla holla. punk as fuck. taken by marg with her space phone.)

emma goldman quote:
how can you not just talk about it
all the corpses are coming out of your mouth
you talk about the past times
but now there is no time to doubt
with your theory you can't keep me warm
give me shelter from the storm
you mention mutual aid but you don't hear me
now you've gotta be warned

that there's a revolution, a revelation
in my heart, my sovereign nation
the borders between me and you must come down
so get down

if you can't dance it's not a revolution
a belief in a beat instead of elocution
from your mouth i'm being held without reasonable doubt
but now i'm busting out
to search for the beauty
over all the shit i see
walking easy, stepping lightly and staying free.

df and a ghost from the past

dead friends:
just because you can't change the present
don't go living in the past
it won't last
when you're watching the future
while wasting away today
who did or didn't
doesn't matter anyway
you're dead friends
nails in a coffin
and i'm coughing

talk is so cheap these days
we're overworked minds in a goddamn haze
does it ever will it ever
sink in
you're babbling on and on
bullshitting to the same old song
i don't mean to be mean
but this whole scene seems so routine
you're dead friends
nails in a coffin
and i'm coughing

it rainin'.

(image was slatted to be used in a c.w.o.h.l. insert. never happened, but here it is. and here is more of the same - christopher's liver / c.w.o.h.l)

one fine day

feeling fine:
sky stretched out to be suffocated by powerlines
asphalt warm and worn
i'm feeling fine
wildflowers walk to roads but the south on fire ain't mine
in a nation all its own
i'm feeling fine
silence sings to sirens to sleep in cars out of time
still in motion still in love
i'm feeling fine
winning at a race and never crossing that state line
to die inside steel arms
feeling fine

(photo taken @ watson's mill, ga. happy day for kater. bad day for bold slugs. if you don't know, now you know.)

Friday, August 7, 2009

a quick one while (s)he's away

this is christopher from liverty giving a holla back to everyone who has been hella rad and helpful with this musical project. big ups. sara(h) t. is out on tour (don't mind the who reference), so i got some time on my hands. why not share some stories and scenes. we have done a lot since our first show; played more shows, recorded a demo, added a bass player / vocalist, written new and newer songs. yep. life, liverty, and the pursuit of . . . has been going.

here are some images and some updates:

(shellshag rocking the faces off of sara(h) t. and kater. this was at our O.K. Coffee show during athfest. an amazing scene; cake, crafty guitar work, coffee, something else beginning with a c. thank shell for the name LIVERTY!)

(super sweet fisheye photo from eddie of the caution children. taken at ben's bikes, athens, ga.) this was our 3rd show. time flies.
to date we have played at:
Cine, O.K. Coffee, Ben's Bikes, Little Kings's, Das Hanga

the tour of our super sweet town begins now! if you want liverty to play your place, pass us the info via email - or pause us in person and fill us in. we wanna rock!

the demo is all done! the tapes/cd-rs will be available once sara(h) t. gets back from landlord/witches tour and gives her input on the mix. any and all friends who have heard the tape and have opinions, please email suggestions to: or just talk to me or sara(h) t in person.

this is our new bass player (the pizza jammer kater). look at how distraught ella is! this shit is serious. searing vocals that will melt your face like formage in a brick oven. so stoked (just look at my face).

so onward and upward.