Sunday, August 9, 2009

tru' luv

(i miss you, tubbs. tell mom i said holla holla holla holla holla. punk as fuck. taken by marg with her space phone.)

emma goldman quote:
how can you not just talk about it
all the corpses are coming out of your mouth
you talk about the past times
but now there is no time to doubt
with your theory you can't keep me warm
give me shelter from the storm
you mention mutual aid but you don't hear me
now you've gotta be warned

that there's a revolution, a revelation
in my heart, my sovereign nation
the borders between me and you must come down
so get down

if you can't dance it's not a revolution
a belief in a beat instead of elocution
from your mouth i'm being held without reasonable doubt
but now i'm busting out
to search for the beauty
over all the shit i see
walking easy, stepping lightly and staying free.

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