Sunday, August 23, 2009


* the demo is done (matte c. did an amazing job making the mix come alive - thanks matte). we are probably going to make about 50 tapes (maybe a few cd-rs also for those of you without cassette players). we hope to have things ready by the 5th of september. why, you may ask?
* big show on september 5th @ little kings: liverty (demo tape release show), dead dog (celebrates 9/11 by going on tour), and daffodil (gets in the spirit of labor). the show is free. serious. no one asking for dollars for the door. just bring a few for the bartender and the merch table.
* kater is tearing it up in the bass / second vocal department. we are looking to play out very soon as a three piece (maybe sooner than soon). ask us out for a date on the town. we wanna rock whereever.

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