Friday, August 14, 2009


(a song about the time pj from the hot new mexicans borrowed my headphones. seriously. no subtext).

i wish that i had my headphones.
i would put them on to never walk alone.
i wish to never walk alone.
i would never find my way back home.
i wish to never find my way back home.
i would walk this off and be back in the danger zone.
i would if i could, at least you know that i might.
i wish to make amends tonight.
i would make amends tonight.
i wish you all the best before you turn out the light.
i would turn out your lights.
i wish for a better time when that might be right (back in the danger zone.)

(vocab @ radio canut, lyon, france, summer 2007)

in other news, FNB (food not bombs) is cooking out of the hangar on mondays and wednesdays @ 5pm. serving happens @ 7pm in college square of downtown athens, ga. if you are interested in being a part, come enjoy a plate with the kids and say yellow.

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