Friday, August 7, 2009

a quick one while (s)he's away

this is christopher from liverty giving a holla back to everyone who has been hella rad and helpful with this musical project. big ups. sara(h) t. is out on tour (don't mind the who reference), so i got some time on my hands. why not share some stories and scenes. we have done a lot since our first show; played more shows, recorded a demo, added a bass player / vocalist, written new and newer songs. yep. life, liverty, and the pursuit of . . . has been going.

here are some images and some updates:

(shellshag rocking the faces off of sara(h) t. and kater. this was at our O.K. Coffee show during athfest. an amazing scene; cake, crafty guitar work, coffee, something else beginning with a c. thank shell for the name LIVERTY!)

(super sweet fisheye photo from eddie of the caution children. taken at ben's bikes, athens, ga.) this was our 3rd show. time flies.
to date we have played at:
Cine, O.K. Coffee, Ben's Bikes, Little Kings's, Das Hanga

the tour of our super sweet town begins now! if you want liverty to play your place, pass us the info via email - or pause us in person and fill us in. we wanna rock!

the demo is all done! the tapes/cd-rs will be available once sara(h) t. gets back from landlord/witches tour and gives her input on the mix. any and all friends who have heard the tape and have opinions, please email suggestions to: or just talk to me or sara(h) t in person.

this is our new bass player (the pizza jammer kater). look at how distraught ella is! this shit is serious. searing vocals that will melt your face like formage in a brick oven. so stoked (just look at my face).

so onward and upward.

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